Raising Blueprints To Works of Art

It takes an enlightened artist to create a masterpiece from a sketch, thoughtfully choosing and blending all the hues of his palette. Amin Sheivari, director of Maxamin Homes, embraces that visionary process in raising blueprints to works of art: your one-of-a-kind, custom-built modern home.

From this master builder's close collaboration with renowned architects to his expertise in selecting the most qualified and dependable trades, Amin ensures your vision comes to life—thoughtfully, seamlessly and beautifully.

An accomplished professional with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Amin offers an impressive portfolio of inspired, custom modern homes and home improvement projects throughout Toronto and the GTA. With over six years of hands-on experience in almost every facet of the industry, Amin is eminently qualified to execute every detail of your dream home with extraordinary vision—and exceptional value.

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